Meet the team at Helloworld at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza


Meet the team at Helloworld at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza

Meet Michelle Henderson, owner and manager of Helloworld Travel Tea Tree Plaza. Michelle grew up with her parents owning and running a local travel agency. It wasn’t long til their taste for adventure and the travel industry shortly rubbed off on Michelle.

Michelle pictured far left.

Michelle started learning the ropes working with her parents part-time. It didn’t take long before Michelle took over as manager in 2013 and supported the store through its rebrand from Harvey World Travel to Helloworld Travel.

Helloworld Travel aren’t your average travel agency, they sell practically anything to do with travel including Travelex money exchange which is conveniently located inside the store. From a house boat on the Murray to dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower, the Helloworld team can organise it all for you!
One of Michelle’s favourite things about working at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza for such a long time is building lifelong friendships with clients over the years and seeing their children and now grandchildren coming to visit. Michelle knows trust isn’t bought and understands when you’re booking perhaps your very first overseas holiday your trust is a must with your travel agent.

Michelle and her team of travel experts love making clients dreams come true when booking their holiday of a lifetime. Michelle prides herself and the team on understanding each client is unique. Listening and learning to the client’s holiday desires means you can often show them a day trip or another location you know they would love and maybe they didn’t know of it before.

Photo: Hydie Normington

“I feel incredibly proud to work at Westfiled Tea Tree Plaza. I love looking back on how the centre has evolved over the years.” Says Michelle.

The biggest career highlight and milestone for Michelle is taking over as the owner. While bitter sweet, Michelle bought the company in 2017 after the passing of her father.

Today Michelle is married with two beautiful not so little boys aged 26 and 27. While Michelle still loves working at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza she really enjoys being a Nanny to her grandchild.

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