Hidden treasures: Meet Blackebys Old Sweet Shop


Hidden treasures: Meet Blackebys Old Sweet Shop

Lauren, a Primary school teacher, married Graeme an Accountant & entrepreneur, passionate about sweets! Looking to buy a business, he came across ‘Blackebys Confectionery’ for sale in the Advertiser. Together they purchased the manufacturing business in 1997 and the rest as they say, is history.

Blackeby’s, the oldest manufacturing confectioner in South Australia, began producing its sweets in 1906.

Passionate to bring Blackebys wonderful South Australian history back to the community Graeme sought the opportunity began a retail presence where traditional Blackeby’s Confections could be sold directly to the public. In 2004 Lauren and Graeme opened their first Blackeby’s Old Sweet Shop in James Place Adelaide and later at TeaTree Plaza in 2010.

It is Blackebys aim to offer sweets and chocolates that are unique to their store and that can not be purchased in supermarkets. Customers may not be aware Blackeby's manufacture their sweets right here in Adelaide and now have a large range of confectionery suitable for Vegans & Gluten Free diets.

“People may not be aware that we have remade our own version of the White Knight & also made our own Toffee Apple Taffy as you can no longer buy Toffee Apple chew bars. Ours just happen to be Gluten Free & plant based, so suitable for vegans!” says Lauren.

Some of their the most popular lines include ‘Dark Knights’, replacing the discontinued White Knights, Toffee Apple Sweets & delicious Rocky Road (they make their own marshmallow, soft raspberry jubes, roast the almonds and combine the lot in creamy couverture chocolate. Yum!)

Blackeby’s has a range of Gift Boxes but having such a large range of sweets (over 1,500) it can be difficult choosing what to put in…so the team are happy to make personalised gift boxes with the customers own selection of sweets and chocolates.

Customers are welcome to place orders through the Blackeby’s Facebook messaging site but the BEST part about Blackeby’s Old Sweet Shop is the wonderful experience of being in store. You’ll feel as though you’ve travelled back in time, to your first candy store experience, completely surrounded by nostalgic sweets.

Lauren and Graeme love to represent other South Australian and Australian confectioners wherever possible.

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