Slice of Brooklyn

From Friday May 22nd dine-in, as well as order takeaway, at Slice Of Brooklyn.

Please note that due to government restrictions there will be limited seating capacity, and will ensure a distance of 1.5m between tables is maintained. Walk-ins are welcome, however booking in advance is recommended, especially for larger groups of people.

Fast fired, custom made, thin crust pizza. At Slice of Brooklyn, we dish up New Yorkapolitan style pizza's fast baked in a 400 degree oven in 2.5 minutes.

We don't use any conditioners, sugar, transfatty oils or any of those nasty things in our dough. Unlike those other pizza places which use up to 10 or 15 ingredients, our dough is made fresh on location, using 5 simple ingredients: 00 flour, water, fresh yeast, salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Our dough is prooved for days, to give it the complex, crispy flavour that we are so famous for.

Our ingredients are delivered almost everyday and our pizza's are made right in front of you. We dont' hide our pizza making "in the back". We pride ourselves on serving you the cleanest, tastiest ingredients that are so fresh, they need to be slapped.

We also encourage you to ask your pizza place what they put in thier food, because as we say in Brooklyn, if it ain't fresh, FUHGEDDABOUTIT!!

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Level 1, Food Court

near Kintaro Sushi & Subway

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Woolworths Undercover Carpark


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