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Essential Beauty: Piercing trends in 2022

Essential Beauty, Level 2

If you're busy curating your winter wardrobe, it might be time to start thinking about curating your ear! The possibilities are endless, with multiple piercings and hundreds of jewellery pieces to choose from.

The body piercing experts at Essential Beauty have compiled a list of the top 8 'it-girl' piercing trends to add to your wish list this season.

1. Multiple Ear Piercings

Anything but basic! More is more at Essential Beauty. We are loving the curated ear trend, it is such a fun way to accessorize.

2. Stacked Lobe Piercings

Clustering multiple lobe piercings together, stack two lobe piercings vertically for a cool convo-starter.

3. Nose Rings

Get your nose pierced with a ring! Nose piercings are one of the most popular piercings this year and we know why - they look so effortlessly cool.

4. Charms and Chains

Attaching charms and chains to your hinged rings is a fun and unique way to add something different to your piercing.

5. 18K Gold

A fabulous way to make your curated ear look intentional and styled to perfection? Choose earrings in the same colour palette, and go luxe with our collection of 18K Yellow Gold and Ethical Diamond jewellery.

6. The Flat Piercing

Think of a helix piercing and move it in more towards the centre of the top part of your ear. We love a good flat piercing, choose an interesting flat back labret - we love our little star or snake designs in this piercing.

7. Huggies

Snug-fitting hoops in healed lobe piercings are all the range. Huggie hoop earrings are some of our most popular sellers, we have tons of designs to choose from.

8. The Lower Helix Piercing

Not quite a lobe, not quite a helix. The middle part along the outer ear is such a cute piercing placement, style with a dainty ring or flat back stud and you'll fall in love with this piercing!

Essential Beauty

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