Muffin Break:Mighty Mini Meal Ooshies


Muffin Break:Mighty Mini Meal Ooshies

Muffin Break, Level 1

There’s a new superhero in town!
Muffin Break has partnered with Ooshies and Pop-Top to deliver a special Mighty Mini Meal that is sure to provide some extra power.

If you’re out shopping and looking for a good kids’ lunch or snack option in the shopping centre, the Mighty Mini Meal is a great alternative to most. It’s a box packed to the brim with fun – a toastie, mini cookie, Pop-Top and collectible Ooshie toy!

Power Up With a Mighty Mini Meal
As most parents know, sourcing good, easy options for kids (ahem, which they actually enjoy) can be a nightmare! Especially when you’re out shopping and have a long to-do list to tick off.

That’s where the Mighty Mini Meal’s superhero powers come into play. Grab yourself an award-winning coffee and a famous muffin, while the kids tuck into a delicious toastie, mini cookie, Pop-Top and get their Ooshie toy. All Pop-Tops are at least 30% fruit and come in a variety of flavours.

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Find Muffin Break on level 1, in the Food Court.

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