The Bavarian: new sticky ribs & wings


The Bavarian: new sticky ribs & wings

The Bavarian, 976 North East Road, Modbury

The Bavarian have dialled up their meat-packed credentials with slabs of irresistibly sticky, slow-cooked pork ribs, smoked chicken wings, and huge share platters that are loaded with the new flavours.

Check out their new Menu offerings, launching on Thursday 27th February.

Their full racks of ribs are dusted in a coffee-spice rub, and glazed in house-made Jack Daniel’s sauce. They're slow-cooked for two hours to create perfectly sticky-sweet and tangy, fall-off-the-bone riblets that are packed with flavour. Diners can opt for a spicier version of the original Jack Daniel’s glaze, which is called ‘Jack Fire’ ($39).

Paired with these tender ribs are double, peach wood-smoked chicken wings, which are doused in a choice of the original Jack Daniel’s sauce, or Jack Fire option ($22). Cauliflower wings are available for non-meat eaters, with both sauce options available ($20)

Their ultimate JD Platter is loaded with a full rack of Jack Daniel’s smothered ribs and a tumble of chicken wings, alongside a tower of onion rings, chips and two Jack Daniel’s sauce-smacked, fried chicken bao buns that are exclusively available with the platter ($80).

Chocolate aficionados can enjoy a rich, fudgy brownie, paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with a boozy Jack Fire chocolate sauce ($13).

For a complete Jack Daniel’s experience, a Bavarian Ribs Combo includes a full rack of the glazed ribs, a boozed-up brownie and 1-litre stein of beer ($69).

Three spiced cocktails have also been added to the menu, inspired by the red-hot cinnamon flavours of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire. Jack Fire Iced Tea marries signature JD Tennessee Fire with Cuvée Agnès Brut and peach Monin, which is served with orange slices and maraschino cherries in a shareable jug ($25).

An apple pie inspired Jack Fire Boiler Maker pairs Bonamy’s apple cider with a shot of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire ($14), while an Old-Fashioned is garnished with orange peel and cloves ($16).

In addition to the cocktails, a paddle of six spicy shots is also available, which includes two shots of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, two shots of Devil’s Tongue schnapps and two shots of spicy Bergfeuer Mountain Blaze liqueur ($59).

For those after a traditional Bavarian beer experience, the restaurants serve a variety of beers on tap, including a full range of local craft and imported German brews, available in 1-litre steins.

Visit The Bavarian now to try their brand new food and drink options in the Tea Tree Plaza Dining Hub.