The Coffee Club: recycling your take-a-way coffee cups


The Coffee Club: recycling your take-a-way coffee cups

The Coffee Club, Level 2

The Coffee Club partnered with Simply Cups are recycling your old take-a-way coffee cups

As part of The Coffee Club's sustainability program, they have partnered with Simply Cups, who own and operate Australia’s leading cup recycling program, diverting millions of cups from landfill each year. Simply Cups upcycle used cups into new products such as planter boxes, buckets, trays and even road surfaces, giving takeaway coffee cups a second life.

The Coffee Club have also changed the look and feel of their take-a-way cups and moved to single-walled lining. Making the cups much more environmentally friendly and saving approximately 76 tonnes of paper each year*.

How it works

Next time you're passing The Coffee Club at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza drop off your used take-a-way coffee cups to their Simply Cups recycle bins. Located on level 2 near Kmart.

Learn more about The Coffee Club's sustainability program here >

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