Grab a lift with EcoCaddy


Grab a lift with EcoCaddy

When you’re doing your Christmas shopping at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, you may notice some unusual vehicles doing the rounds in the car park. With lightweight aluminium frames and steam-pressed bamboo awnings, EcoCaddy’s electric-assisted pedicabs are easy to spot, and they’re worth keeping an eye out for.

Heat, crowds and hungry kids can make Christmas shopping a challenge, something that EcoCaddy founder Daniels Langeberg knows all too well. “So we provide a valet service where the EcoCaddies delight customers by meeting them at their car doors and then shuttling them into the mall.”

Shoppers who see an unoccupied EcoCaddy can wave it down or meet them at designated locations around Westfield Tea Tree Plaza. With a 250-watt electric assist motor, the trikes are able to cover a lot of ground. It’s a good thing too, because each of the drivers rides upwards of 30km a day and between them a pair will carry 200-300 shoppers to and from their cars.

A regular day might include picking up people arriving at the centre by bus to watch a movie or families doing their Christmas shopping. Because each trike has a boot with a 100 litre capacity, there’s enough room for 5 or 6 shopping bags as well as the two seats. Even then, Langeberg laughs that sometimes that’s not quite enough.

Some passengers are weighed down with so much shopping that it won’t fit in one trike and they need a second vehicle. Fortunately there’s an easy solution - “one of the beautiful things about having GPS tracking and a Bluetooth earpiece is that we can co-ordinate that,” the young entrepreneur explains. That also means that families can travel in a small convoy, which makes for relaxed parents and excited kids.

Even people who don’t know where they’re going can use the EcoCaddies. “One of our tasks has been to find people's lost cars because people forget where they are,” Langeberg says. “Rather than them running around for 30 minutes trying to find their car, that's a five minute trip in an EcoCaddy and we can go over most of the carpark.”

Catch the EcoCaddies at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza

Pick up zones are located in the undercover car park near Woolworths and the car park near The Bavarian and Myer.



Thursday, 19th December6pm - 11pm
Monday, 23rd December6pm - 11pm
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