A new era of sustainability at Muffin Break


A new era of sustainability at Muffin Break

Muffin Break, Level 1

Muffin Break and Simply Cups have joined forces to do their part in reducing the amount of takeaway coffee cups that are being put into landfill. Simply Cups is an initiative dedicated to providing responsible recycling solutions for single-use coffee cups.

For every takeaway coffee sold* at Muffin Break, they will work with Simply Cups to collect and take out one takaway cup* from landfill.

Talk about guilt free treat!

Find out more at, https://www.simplycups.com.au/how-it-works

Bring in your own resable coffee cup to Muffin Break and get 30cents off your coffee order! Don't have one? Muffin Break have just launched their very own Keep Cups. Pick one up today and it comes with a FREE medium coffee!

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