Three trends to try this season


Three trends to try this season

Logo prints

I’m sure you’ve heard your parents or grandparents say this on more than one occasion, ‘everything old becomes new again’, and how spot on are they when it comes to designer logo prints? All of those vintage prints our parents loved from Fendi to classic Chanel have come back in fashion bigger and better than ever.

Image via @thestylestalkercom on @westfieldsyd Instagram.

Image via @nytimesfashion on @westfieldsyd Instagram.

Plastic handbags

One for the risk takers who don’t mind giving people a peek inside their handbag, designer plastic bags are taking off and it’s the only plastic shopping bag that you should own right now. Celine have started the trend with a simple logo branded piece.

Image via @vikyandthekid on @westfieldsyd Instagram.

Shades of green

We're seeing green and what better way to incorporate it into your outfit then with an accessory? Colour block this winter with a handbag like this Balenciaga top handle tote, browse a selection at Harrolds or David Jones.

Image via @heykarenwoo on @westfieldsyd Instagram.

Why not add a scarf like this printed number from Gucci? Dress it up or dress it down it’s easier than you think to add a touch of green this season.

Image via @gucci on @westfieldsyd on Instagram.

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