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Coffee cup recycling stations


Coffee cup recycling stations

Make the sustainable choice

Did you know that 3 billion single-use coffee cups are sold in Australia each year? That's 60,000 kilograms of plastic waste from coffee cups directed to landfill per year.
One coffee cup alone can contaminate a bag of recycling material - sending it to landfill.

New coffee cup collection points located in-centre now.

  • Level 2 Tower side, Located in front of Review
  • Level 2 Tower side, Located next to ZARA
  • Level 2 Tower side, Located infront of Unimoni
  • Level 3, Located in front of Little Sparrow
  • Level 3, Located in front of Prada
  • Level 3, Located in next to ZARA
  • Level 4, Located in front of Ignazia
  • Level 5, Located next to YogaBar
  • Level 5, Located in front of Adanos Grill
  • Level 6, Located in front of Max Brenner
  • Level 7, Located next to Babylon

How to use the coffee cup recycling stations

  1. Seperate the lid from the coffee cup
  2. Tip any left over coffee into the tip section
  3. Throw away coffee cup into the cup section

Your recycle coffee cups will be repurposed into items such as park benches and coat hangers.

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