Dancing Queen: The best trends to revive for a spring wedding


Dancing Queen: The best trends to revive for a spring wedding

In the '70s we danced the night away at Studio 54, draped in furs and gold. In the '80s we partied with bright blue eyeshadow and bright blue cocktails. In the '90s we took over house parties and rocked on at concerts. And in the '00s we partied our way through the day (at music festivals) and the night (more nightclubs). It's common knowledge that some of today's best fashion comes from those bygone eras, when our wardrobes were big, bold, sparkly and FUN - and that's why we're reviving them for spring.

If you've scored an invite to a spring wedding, it's time to channel your inner Dancing Queen - dress up in daring colours, shapes and textures, and get ready to hit the dancefloor. Don't worry, we're not talking fancy dress - we're talking subtle nods, and reinterpreting some of your favourite fashion trends from back then, for now.

Here's four looks to get you started.

'70s disco

I promise to dance if you play... September by Earth, Wind & Fire.

We might have worn these trends almost 50 years ago, but it doesn't mean they're out of date. In fact, most pieces we wore in the '70s are totally wearable today.

Heading to a cocktail or black tie wedding? Consider wearing a simple floor-length silk gown, finished with a faux fur coat that screams extra! Keep your accessories chic, your makeup golden and your hair as bouncy as it can get. Just add a glass of champagne!

Shop this trend at Cue, Carla Zampatti and Sheike.

'80s party

I promise to dance if you play... Uptown Girl by Billy Joel.

The '80s wasn't a shy era. It was neon, it was tulle, it was sequins and it was shoulderpads. While some believe fashion from the '80s should stay in the '80s, there are definitely pieces we can be inspired by for a modern-day spring wedding.

These days, weddings are less traditional and a lot more party. So slip into a fun and flirty cocktail dress, and don't be afraid to clash it with a statement belt, bag or pair of shoes. You can have lots of fun with your makeup, too! If you're hesitant to do it yourself, don't forget makeover booking fees are redeemable for product on the day at Mecca Myer, and Sephora.

'90s rock

I promise to dance if you play... Wannabe by the Spice Girls.

When we think about the coolest eras of the past, the nineties springs to mind. With its mix of plaid, velvet, shoestring dresses, flatforms and teeny tiny sunglasses, it was effortless and oozed style.

This season, try swapping your standard spring wedding dress for a tartan suit. It gives a nod to the '90s, and you can modernise it even more by teaming it with a chic hip bag and boots. The tiny sunglasses have to stay, though. They're non-negotiable.

Shop this trend at General Pants.

'00s futurism

I promise to dance if you play... Let's Get Married by Jagged Edge.

Ahh, the noughties. In the '00s we loved anything futuristic - whether it was shiny, sparkly, clear, holographic or made of plastic. And when it comes to creating a fun and party-ready spring wedding outfit, we have absolutely nothing against adding a few sequins here and there to our look. Or our accessories. Or our makeup.

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