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Chantilly Cupcakes

Chantilly Cupcakes have sourced Sydney’s best boutique bakers who are making that home-made, freshly baked cupcake without preservatives to bring back memories of times when our families used to bake at home every day. We are not interested in mass baked products from factories with no love! Chantilly has been testing and tasting (yes, its been tough!) to bring you the best selection of cupcakes available from bakers throughout Sydney. We are bringing back the flavour using natural ingredients, fresh every day. We have also sourced the freshest, prettiest macarons in beautiful traditional French flavours which we can gift wrap for someone special. The macaron colours are devine and the delicate flavours will tantilise your taste buds, it makes it hard to choose just one!

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Level 1 Myer side

Located under Myer, in the food court, near the big staircase

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Westfield Valet parking 135 King Street