Rice Workshop

Creating the taste of Japan

It's the place you go when you want a taste of Japan. Rice Workshop is a Japanese rice bar, and what started off as a DIY bar quickly evolved into a take away fast food place for rice bowls and noodle bowls.

You may have heard that in Japan, you can get almost anything from a vending machine. Well, it’s true. In Don Buri, you get to place your order through a vending machine that has been imported from Japan, and even your rice portion comes from a special Japanese rice machine.

The toppings, ingredients and sauces aren't just authentic, they’re packed with flavour and a culinary adventure on their own. The rice bowls are efficient, satisfying and great value, made all the more awesome by the fact that there are so many options to choose from.

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Level 5

Take express escalator from Pitt St. to Level 5, near Zeus Street

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Westfield Valet parking 135 King Street