Fendi #BaguetteFriendsForever


Fendi #BaguetteFriendsForever

Fendi, Level 4

BFF at first sight

Would you recognize your Baguette soul-friend at first sight?

Japanese comedian, Naomi Watanabe and American actor Tommy Dorfman are soul friends without knowing each other. Are you ready to discover more in the new #BaguetteFriendsForever episode?

Split screen, the new short movie captures Naomi and Tommy getting ready for the FENDI Women’s Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Show. Without knowing each other, the two young talents have the same sparkling routine: alarm goes on and sleep mask off, Baguette of the day picked and selfie before heading out.

Front row seat neighbours at the FENDI Fashion Show, they instantly notice they are both wearing a Baguette bag and, by looking at each other, they exclaim “This is not a bag, It’s a Baguette!”. From now on Naomi and Tommy are connected by a special alchemy and enjoy the “Solar Flair” together.

Fast forward, the two new BFF are now inseparable, chatting while drinking coffee never without their iconic Baguette bags.

Real protagonist of this newly born friendship is the Baguette bag that accompanies Tommy and Naomi with its different versions, from the regular Baguette bag in Pequin, distinctive FENDI signature logo-no-logo pattern, and powder-pink Selleria leather to the newly added Men’s one in yellow and white shades with a surprising touch of the Nano Baguette, popping as a cool and functional accessory on the straps.

A new friendship has born under the sign of the Baguette.

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