Paul Smith:  Globe Trotter


Paul Smith: Globe Trotter

"With Globe-Trotter, there’s not so much you can do to the actual case because it’s so perfect", said Paul. Globe-Trotter have been producing trunks, cases and bags in the UK since 1932, slowly refining their craft over the years to create luggage that ages with character and is built to last. The 20" Trolley Case is a prime example of this: lightweight but strong and classic in proportion and shape, it is a design that has stood the test of time.

"What I wanted to do was just add my colours to it", said Paul. The Paul Smith for Globe-Trotter case adds distinctive colours to this time-honoured design. The leather corners of the case, which are all cut by hand, have been produced in shades borrowed from the Artist Stripe, while the full Artist Stripe also appears as a bold accent on the leather handle and the luggage straps within the case.

Paul’s appreciation of Globe-Trotter is rooted in the remarkable level of craftsmanship and skill that is required to make each case. “They’re hand crafted, not mass-produced,” said Paul, "and in fact lots of the elements are still manufactured by eye, which is amazing".
Globe-Trotter estimate that it takes 10 days, 9 hours and 35 minutes of production time to craft a single Paul Smith for Globe-Trotter Trolley Case. The assembly includes 98 individual processes and the skill of numerous artisans who ply their trade in the company’s Hertfordshire workshop.
In recognition of Globe-Trotter’s recent 120th anniversary, this unique case been limited to 120 cases worldwide.
The collaboration was launched at Paul Smith Milan on April 18th as part of Salone del Mobile - the city’s annual celebration of design that runs from April 18th to 22nd.

Finally, to bring this special collaboration to a close, each case is individually numbered and then hand signed by Paul.
In Paul’s words: "It’s a fantastic finish to lots of hard work".

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