Adidas W.N.D. jacket


Adidas W.N.D. jacket

Stay ready for any situation, any condition, any moment. The adidas W.N.D. jacket will keep you warm, comfortable, and in style on the track, field, or street. One attitude, anywhere. Peeling back the exterior of all athletes to showcase an unseen side, one that grounds them, one that connects to the audience authentically. Equipped with ripstop woven protective top – layer for flexibility.

Lightweight warm lining for ultimate comfort. Adjustable flat top hood and two-way zipper for a perfect fit. Adaptable hood with built-in visor for all weather conditions.
Made for all types of athletes and sporting lovers with those that keep them inspired, motivated and moving forward.

A story en route, in motion and always with their crew – whether it be catch ups in cafes, watching other activities, supporting each other and the list goes on.

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