Roger Vivier: Presents 'Naked Soul'


Roger Vivier: Presents 'Naked Soul'

Roger Vivier, Level 3

Creative Director Gherardo Felloni chooses Lily McMenamy, a multi-talented and multifaceted actress, model and mime artist, who has worked with some of the most famous photographers in the fashion industry, as his muse for two campaigns featuring the new Viv’ Rangers for Fall/Winter 2020. A woman who represents contemporary beauty, she has the ability to be an artist in today's reality. McMenamy is the epitome of fluidity and elegance as she welcomes nature’s warm embrace in this new series, imagined by Felloni, where nature brings out the lightness of youth.

“Naked Soul” takes us back to nature and the simple life in the countryside, in a natural context, where contact with nature, and our inner self, become the protagonist during a period where human interaction is diminished. The desire for freedom and to enjoy wide open spaces becomes a reality.

Highlighted in these two campaigns are the new Viv’ Rangers, created by Felloni for Fall/Winter 2020. He interprets combat boots using the codes of the Maison with the Viv’ Rangers boots, which feature an oversized buckle, either in metal or covered in crystals. The boots come in a range of styles, including classic Chelsea boots and a lace-up style with a chunky, high heel.

Launching this season, rain boots get a distinct Vivier touch, with the Tempette Viv’. This pair is perfect for the outdoors, with its water-resistant material. The Tempette Viv’ comes with a low, chunky heel and the signature crystal buckle.

Roger Vivier