Moncler: Exploring new territories


Moncler: Exploring new territories

Moncler , Level 3

Moncler Genius extends its pioneering spirit in 2020 as it continues to enhance its exploration into new horizons. Giving a voice to personal creativity, a symposium of designers were invited to give their unique take on Moncler, and boundaries were broken as the creative hub went beyond fashion into the world of experience. Each Moncler Genius collection has a dedicated launch date, ensuring a facilitation of personal expression that rolls out ceaselessly throughout the year.


2 – MONCLER 1952

An urban anthropologist, Sergio Zambon turns the study of youth movements – both real and imagined – into an opportunity for design.

This season the energy of 2020 clashes with a 70s pop feel while iconic characters such as the preppy, the hippie and the punk inspire the attitude and items of the collection: from the chino pants to the parka, from metropolitan black to the idea of using blankets as capes. All of it is seen through the Moncler filter – laquè nylon, heavy satin for outerwear, and the down jacket in every version from upholstery corduroy to print – and blended in an all-inclusive mix that reflects the reality of the contemporary customer. In order to gain depth and unexpected nuance, the collection is conceived as a collaboration with the whole city of Los Angeles. Through contributions from key LA-based creative players, Moncler gets a touch of the city’s sun-kissed, laid back spirit. Libertine provide rhinestone and glitz used on shirts and sleeveless jackets, UNDEFEATED the black nylon basics seen anew with a punk twist; Balt Getty devised lively street art patterns and AD.III the industrial metal jewelry worn on top of down jackets. The color palette is a mix of emerald, green and Prussian blue, rusty Seventies tones and black lit with bright touches of glue pink mixed with orange. Accessories highlight the anthropological mix of styles and decades: Sevenities flat sneakers, boots, Eighties pointy boots, fur hats, plus practical duvet-carriers.

Sergio Zambon is a multitasker with an ability in adapting to every environment he creatively inhabits. Honing and fine-tuning an holistic, all-around approach, he has worked over the years for a variety of houses and brands, putting his skills of designer and communicator, his point of view and sense of harmony and balance at the service of the client. He twists and progresses brands on every respect, from product to storytelling, keeping an elegant signature. Fluidity and adaptability are qualities Sergio Zambon has nurtured since childhood, being brought up in a wandering, multicultural environment. Born in Egypt to an Italian father and a Croatian mother, he settled in Rome, where he completed fashion studies at Istituto Europeo di Design. He has worked for twelve years at Fendi,
consulted extensively while nurturing a niche project in the form of his namesake womenswear label and acted as Acne Studios’ head of menswear. Formerly the designer of Moncler Twist since 2015, Sergio Zambon is responsible for menswear at 2 Moncler 1952 since the inception of the project.