Golden Goose: Spring Summer 2020 Collection


Golden Goose: Spring Summer 2020 Collection

Golden Goose, Level 4

Hailing from Venice, but constantly exploring new territories to broaden the brand’s point of perspective through new experiences and stimuli, for this collection Golden Goose undertook an introspective trip to Texas, and the resulting collection is a visual response to what has been seen and experienced in the Lone Star State.

This collection focuses on the dynamic translation of vintage inspiration into highly wearable pieces that borrow elements from traditional Western apparel but streamlining them to a minimalist approach, suggesting a certain sense of urban flair without any overt costume references.

This collection is born of the first-hand experience of going to a place that is new, its smells, its flavour and, obviously, its colours. And that's how unexpected details found their way into the design: the light shades of the sunrise, the logos of gas stations, the illuminated road signs that speed past you on those interminable highways. The most natural and genuine aspects of travelling.

The incredible shades of Texan sunrises became the colour palette for the collection.

The logo of gas stations, together with other distinctive American prints – like revisited NASA logo, football helmets, Texas cowgirls, Cadillacs – became the main graphics of the collections, used extensively on all of our categories, from t-shirts, to sweatshirts, to California bags, to sneakers and boots.

The illuminated road signs translate in the extensive use of paillettes throughout the collection, from pants, to blazers, to revisited vintage bombers.

We looked at bandanas and their paisley prints, and how - although originated in the East - they became a symbol for the traditional apparel of the Wild West.

The intertwining of ideas has always been one of the structural pillars of Golden Goose's design ethos: how the experiential pedigree of one notion or an object could develop and flourish in a completely different context, or, more simply, how something from somewhere could become something else, somewhere else.

For the Men’s collection, the sense of freedom is underlined throughout, seen toying with different tropes of modern masculinity, balanced between the youthful naivety of varsitywear and the rugged appeal of the cowboy. In pure Golden Goose style, classic fragments of American menswear have been literally distorted through foiling and pixelation, or unexpectedly cut from plush fabrics in a completely contrasting colour or volume.

The traditional attire of a travelling man: a mix of cross-cultural garments and decoration that is richly detailed through both reference and reverence. Functionality meets and blends with the ornamental, ushering in a sense of lightness and nonchalance.

That's how cross-pollination of ideas happen, by creating personal experiences and sharing them via a way of curiosity.


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