Berluti : Introducing The Éclair


Berluti : Introducing The Éclair

A contemporary interpretation: The Eclair Last is behind the new footwear shape unveiled during the Berluti Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show. The Eclair is an elegant, state-of-the-art addition to the two other existing Berluti formal lasts, among classic Démesures and, naturally-outlined Galet.

With their invisible stitching and their pure styles, they all - each in their own way - embody Berluti’s subdued elegance and ensure ultimate comfort for every single client.

From the very beginning, Berluti has stood apart through its unique combination of technical skill and creative flair, firmly grounded in bespoke know-how. And although some things have changed with the times, that artisan spirit remains the same. One comes to Berluti not for showy luxury, but for luxury pure and simple.

Styles available at their new boutique on level 3.


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