Moncler: JW Anderson


Moncler: JW Anderson

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Moncler x JW Anderson

Jonathan Anderson heralds subversion by way of elegance. His pieces are pure and architectural in design, relentlessly defying staid notions and gender barriers to propose a progressive, cleverly non-binary vision of what fashion should be.

For Moncler Genius, Anderson proposes a selection of his most iconic designs, inflating archive JW Anderson items –like the Riviera hat and ruffled shorts–land reinterpreting them in duvet to create a new take on known shapes. Everything is meant to be worn indifferently by men and women: the collection is extremely playful in spirit. Zip-up blousons with padded zip-pullers, padded scarves, wide-= brim hats and shorts are bright building blocks of looks that are all about color and shape, with sculptural motifs such as embossed dots and protruding spikes adding further three-dimensionality.

Red, light blue, yellow, pink, black, white and navy blue are worked in monochromatic blocks or in contrasting juxtapositions, just like matt is played off with shiny. Nods to the countryside mix withnotions of city dressing: duck prints swarm on long sleeveless duvets worn over double faced coats. Trench coats and military-style knits with patch pockets complete the line-up, which is accessorized with packable boots and padded bags with padded chain details. The technicality and straightforwardness of Moncler gets an abstract twist.