RIMOWA: Travel through a new lens


RIMOWA: Travel through a new lens

RIMOWA, Level 4

Having equipped travellers with carefully considered luggage for over 120 years, RIMOWA is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new product category – RIMOWA Eyewear, a new permanent eyewear collection that features contemporary sunglasses.

As a new generation of travellers emerges and our ways of moving in the world shift and evolve, so too must our travel tools. Offering distinctive new ways to enhance and cater to customer’s travel experience, RIMOWA continues its long lineage of product innovation, exploring novel essentials desired by purposeful travellers of today. The introduction of RIMOWA Eyewear marks a significant step in evolving the brand’s product portfolio with fresh iterations on functional luxury.

RIMOWA Eyewear is characterised by modern shades that share the innovative design, lightweight nature and signature features of the namesake luggage. The new collection will launch in Australia with the RIMOWA Bridge range. The inaugural Spring/Summer collection features three classic shapes and several colours available in each. Colour matched with selected RIMOWA suitcases for a coordinated look, the glasses are stylish accompaniments to a travel ensemble and yet another way in which RIMOWA redefines functional luxury through relentless product innovation.

With contemporary styling and timeless form, RIMOWA Eyewear updates classic shapes like the aviator, square and pantos with traditional or coloured reflective lenses. The frame takes its cues from early aviation and pilot essentials, much like RIMOWA’s iconic aluminium grooves first inspired by aircraft fuselage.

The RIMOWA Bridge is crafted from two pieces of mask overlaid and assembled by pins, echoing trademark engineering details like RIMOWA’s industrial rivets and seal. The result is a refined thickness of frame which does away with additional bulk or weight.

All RIMOWA eyewear are built to withstand the rigours of travel and come with a protective pouch or case for easy transport on journeys far and wide.