Aesop: Introducing a trio of fragrant candles


Aesop: Introducing a trio of fragrant candles

Aesop on Pitt St. Mall, Pitt St. Mall near Vodafone

Three scented candles are the newest addition to our range of formulations for the home. Each is named for an ancient astronomer; each imparts an evocative perfume.

Ptolemy Aromatique Candle

A sensuous blend of leather, smoke and wood, named for an ancient Greek-Egyptian stargazer whose work informed much medieval astronomy.

Aganice Aromatique Candle

Florals, spice and tobacco in symphony; titled for an Ancient Greek astronomer renowned for her knowledge of the moon and its cycles.

Callippus Aromatique Candle

A marriage of deep greens and earthy spices, Callippus takes its name from an astronomer of Ancient Greece famed for refining planetary theory.

Available now at all signature stores.

Aesop on Pitt St. Mall