Valentino: Resort 2019 Collection


Valentino: Resort 2019 Collection

Valentino, Level 4 Westfield Sydney 188 Pitt Street.

Freedom comes from the balance of acting outside a framework of preconceived notions. Harmony comes from tolerance.

Denying authoritarianism, and being the author of that decision, in order to leave space to personal interpretation: Multi-faceted. Open. Feminine.

Looking to the street with the memory of the past and the reassurance of knowledge. Rome as the symbol of free thoughts, made up of unfettered associations and layers: of cultures, of worlds and of aesthetics.

Daywear as a choice. Easy mixes, thrown together like bootleggers recording live open air. The lettering of the logo leads the beat. The masculine and the exotic. Seductive languor and marine crispness. Floral feminity and San Gallo lace. Foulards. Boots.

Instinctive eclecticisms to shape the freedom of self-expression, subverting dogmas that are then recomposed in unexpected ways.

A new idea of beauty is born from allowing sedimentations, contrasts and pacific cohabitations to be left together for what they are. Just like the eternal city of Rome, where harmony comes from a fusion of all things.

The freedom of creating that becomes the freedom of interpretation. A planned declaration: strong, antidogmatic.





Tue 23rd Jul


Wed 24th Jul


Thu 25th Jul


Fri 26th Jul


Sat 27th Jul


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