adidas Originals: the continental 80s


adidas Originals: the continental 80s

The purpose and belief behind this campaign drop, is all about reconnecting with the urban youth culture of today, with the kids born in the late ‘90s and ‘00s. Centred around sportswear, re-appropriated for the streets, we bring fresh looks from our archive with three footwear models we will inspire the new generation of sneakerheads.

This concept is the true, rebellious and bold allegory of the confident, daring and authentic mindset of the 90s – capturing adidas archive vibes and transforming them into a fresh and unique look for today’s street culture.

Continental 80 is for those unafraid to express themselves. From fresh materializations to bold color mixes, the Continental 80 is reinventing itself with a modern twist on its vintage charm. The silhouette brings a bold yet understated attitude.

The styles come and go, while becoming own franchises or disappear from our line with new fresh models replacing them and bringing instant heat on the feet of our consumers.

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Patagonia has arrived at Pict


Patagonia has arrived at Pict

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