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What's the difference between tarot and oracle cards?


What's the difference between tarot and oracle cards?

Oracle cards? Tarot cards? What's the difference? Can I read both? Is one easier than the other? Help!

The world of Tarot and Oracle cards is overwhelming. There are endless designs, packs, can all be a little much sometimes. So what is fundamentally different?

Basically, tarot cards come in a more structured deck and there are a few more rules involved. Oracle cards are a bit more free flowing. Tarot cards usually have 78 cards, some decks might have 80 or 44, but majority have 78. Tarot cards have a traditional structure and common meanings, whereas Oracle cards can have any content and any number of cards.

Oracle cards hold a bigger energy and give an insight into a greater sense of what is going on. Tarot cards are a bit more detailed. Tarot cards are like pages to a book, each card is one page telling the story, whereas oracle cards are like the whole chapter. A wider section of the story.

You can use both cards! Most people tend to do multiple tarot readings in one session compared to a single oracle card reading.

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