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Colleen’s Lingerie and Swimwear: 12B or not 12B

“But I’ve always been a 12B!” - probably not. Somehow this mythical size has become the go to for women everywhere. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I fitted someone who actually was a 12B! Women are gloriously diverse in our shapes and sizes and still, 80% of us wear the wrong size bra. Many of us, facing overwhelm in a store full to overflowing with more bras than one woman could ever wear in a lifetime and no-one to help guide us in our choice, simply stick to the same style in the same size and suffer silently through the annoying discomforts of an ill-fitting bra.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Gone are the days of grumpy old ladies handing you a boring beige bra and then yanking back the change room curtains as you stand there in horror. A good fitter will do everything possible to minimise your discomfort, respect your personal space and vulnerabilities, listen to your needs and, if they’re really good, you’ll be feeling so relieved and GORGEOUS in your perfectly fitting bra, that you’ll forget you’re standing with your gear off in a changeroom with another person!

Take a deep breath, it’s never as bad as you think. It’ll go a little something like this:

• First, we’ll talk to you. We’ll listen to you. We’ll hear what issues you’re having with your current bras and together, come up with some options for you to try.
• Ditch the tape measure. It’s unlikely we’ll need to measure you. A quick glance and a few questions tends to be all we need to select an appropriate size to begin with before we even make it to the fitting room.
• Once in the fitting room, it’s entirely up to you whether we stay and help you into the bra, or if you’d prefer for us to pop out as you change.
• More talking! We’ll ask lots of questions to make sure you’re comfortable and happy in your bra. We’ll make adjustments if necessary and explain the ‘why’ of a good fitting bra and how to properly care for it.
• Once the size is sorted, the fun can begin and you can try on as many bras as you like! It’s normally at this point that the conversations turn to life, kids and other hilarities, so don’t be at all surprised if a few belly laughs are thrown in for good measure!

Simple as that! Now is the time. If you’re constantly pulling at your bra to stop it riding up your back, if your straps are determined to spend the day around your elbows, if your breasts are making an houdini worthy escape attempt from under the wire or you subscribe to the mantra ‘home is where the bra is not!’, then it’s time for a fitting. I promise you, it’s the breast equivalent of trading stilettos for slippers!