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Eckersley's: Christmas craft wreath


Eckersley's: Christmas craft wreath

What you will need

  • Liviano Light Card (we used A4 in Grass, Green and Red)
  • PVA glue
  • Pom poms (or other crafting embellishments)
  • Sticky tape or glue dots

How to do it

  1. Place the hand you would like to create your Christmas Craft Wreath from and place firmly on a sheet of card.
  2. Using a pencil, trace the outline of the hand. Don’t worry about being too neat, you can flip the card over before gluing.

3. Using a scissors, carefully cut out the shape of the hand. Repeat on different coloured card, we have used light and dark green but use any colours you like! You will need about 14 hand cut outs to complete your Christmas Craft Wreath.
4. Use a glue stick to glue your cut out hands together in a circle shape, allowing the hands to overlap.

5. Using this paper bow template, cut out your bow shapes from red card.
6. Using sticky tape, glue dots or a strong glue, put your bow together.

7. Attach your bow to your Christmas wreath using sticky tape, craft glue or glue dots.
8. Add some colour to your Christmas wreath with your favourite craft products! We have added pom poms with PVA glue but you can add any embellishments you like! Whether it’s glitter, cut out card shapes, FIMO or feathers, the end result will be your unique Christmas Craft Wreath creation and no doubt a keepsake for years to come.

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