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Guide to creating an old school movie night at home

As winter approaches and the days get shorter, there is no better time for a night in watching movies, snuggled up on the couch. Whether it’s with family, friends or flatties, this fun, nostalgic activity makes for an enjoyable and memorable night in. Read on for our simple guide to creating an old school movie night at home.

What to watch

With seemingly endless options now available via streaming services, the thrill of visiting a video shop on a Friday or Saturday night is a distant memory and the question of what to watch can feel overwhelming. Choose your movie in advance, to save precious time scrolling through options and trying to agree on a flick when the audience is already tucking into their popcorn. When choosing a movie, think about your audience – is it a family event, girls’ night or romantic night in? If you’re choosing something as a family, consider introducing your little ones to one of your childhood favourites, for even more nostalgic vibes. If you have time and your guests are willing, a marathon or double feature could be on the cards.

All the gear

To take your home movie night to the next level and feel fully immersed in the film, set up a projector and screen at home.

If it is a clear night, you may even consider setting up your movie night outdoors. Avoid disappointment by ensuring cables, speakers, remote batteries are ready to go and doing a test beforehand.

Set the scene

Even if you don’t own a theatre room complete with luxe recliners and drink holders, it’s so easy to create a cinema feel at home. Draw the curtains before the film starts and provide extra comfort with cushions, floor pillows and blankets. String lights can add ambience and little ones will enjoy the novelty of using torches if they need to get up mid-movie.

Snack attack

It’s not a true movie night without popcorn. Recreate the feeling of a real cinema by preparing some freshly popped corn before your guests arrive or before the family crowds around the screen. Other ideas sure to delight are chips and dips, pizza, nachos, rocky road, ice cream, lollies and homemade soda.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, theme your snacks based on your choice of movie. If it’s an old Hollywood classic and you’re hosting an older crowd, serve up some cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before the movie begins. If you’ve gone for family favourite like Encanto, take inspiration from the setting and try some crowd-pleasing empanadas.

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