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Best shampoos for every hair type

Finding the best shampoo for your hair can sometimes take a little trial and error. However, pick the right product and your hair will thank you with perfectly bouncy volume, glossy locks and a flake-free scalp. Speaking of your scalp, the skin on your head like everywhere else, needs TLC too. The health of your scalp also contributes to that of your hair's, so let us guide you through the best shampoos and scalp products to help you find the right ones for you.

Dry Hair

Perhaps the most common hair concern often caused by over washing, heating during winter and exposure to the sun and sea. Reducing the frequency of washing, using a boar bristle brush to help distribute natural oils from the top to ends of your strands and finally, using a gentle, moisturising shampoo to lock in hydration will help reduce overall frizz, split-ends and wiry locks.

Damaged Hair

We all love changing up our look! However, frequent hair colouring and use of heat from styling tools tends to fry your strands. Prevention is better than a cure so follow on your hair dying with a replenishing, bond-building treatment, use a heat protectant prior to curling or straightening your hair and pop on dry shampoo to refresh your roots between washes. The right shampoo will also nourish, reduce breakage and split ends, and may extend the life and vibrancy of your colour.

Blonde Hair

For our blonde hair babes (natural or otherwise), golden locks aren't the easiest to tame. A purple shampoo will help reduce orange-y tones, particularly handy if you prefer an icy hue. Evenly apply the purple shampoo of choice and let it sit for the recommended timeframe before washing it off. For those with extra dark hair, whose dyed brown locks are also prone to coppering after a few washes, a purple shampoo can also restore ashy tones.

Oily Hair

If a mere 24hrs turns your head into a grease ball, a clarifying shampoo may be your best bet. Using a scalp scrub will also help keep your hair and scalp squeaky clean for longer so you can avoid over washing, which may result in greater oil production. Oily scalp but dry ends? This hair type can be tricky. Try a balancing shampoo to help regulate oil production, and only shampoo the top of your head, allowing the residual product to cleanse your locks to avoid stripping too much oil from the ends. Using a dry shampoo to extend the time between washes will also absorb oil from your scalp whilst preserving moisture in your ends.

Flat Hair

If you spend copious amounts of time blow drying your hair with your head upside down for the tinest amount of volume, we understand your flat hair woes. Flat hair gals (and guys) require products that don't weigh your strands down, cleanses your scalp to remove excess oil and help 'thicken' strands by giving body and structure.

Dandruff or Itchy Scalp

If an itchy, flaky scalp has you avoiding wearing black, look for shampoos with efficacious dandruff-fighting, itch relieving and scalp healing ingredients, like zinc, pathenol (vitamin B5), tea tree and salicylic acid.

Hair Loss

Perhaps the most frustrating of all hair concerns, hair loss can take a toll on a person's self confidence. While it's unlikely a shampoo will entirely reverse the problem, it may help support any treatments you might be undergoing by revitalising the scalp and increasing circulation. Give yourself a scalp massage or use a scalp massage tool every time you shampoo your hair to further stimulate blood flow. While everyone's hair goes through normal growing and shedding cycles, it's best to speak to a dermatologist if you're concerned about post-pregnancy shedding or if you notice prolong periods of hair fall.

For Normal Hair or Daily Use

If you don't have any specific hair concerns, it's still important give your hair proper care for healthy volume and shine, as well as prevent any future issues. Wash your hair 2 to 4 times a week using a gentle shampoo (you may have to wash yours less or more depending on what works for you) and use a scalp scrub once a week or alternating weeks for a deep clean to remove any product build-up. To reduce your environmental footprint, consider using a shampoo bar, ensuring to keep it well-ventilated on a soap rack or bag to extend the life of your bar.

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