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Modern Pets: Checklist for the arrival of your new kitten

Are you getting ready to welcome your new kitten at home? Do you have everything in place for your new family? You might be emotionally prepared, but have you got everything you need to ensure you're giving your furbaby a warm welcome?

If you're not quite sure, check out the checklist below and make sure you've ticked all of them before your new pet arrives.

Kitten carrier

You would want your kitten to be safe during transport, so a kitten carrier is a good investment. This will keep and make her feel safe during transport – not just during the first day you get to meet each other but for the adventures that you are about to share. The carrier must be roomy and well ventilated. Place a towel on the bottom of her former home or shelter. This will provide her a sense of security. Also, choose a carrier that is easy to clean.

Food and water bowls

How about a grand feast when she arrives? Her food and water bottles must already be in place. Since kittens are very energetic, choose bowls that won't tip over easily. It's also recommended to select easy-to-clean stainless steel since some of them are allergic to plastic. Easy-to-clean materials are very convenient since you'd have to clean them every day to keep things fresh.

Litter box

You wouldn't want to get any unpleasant surprises around your house, so get a litter box to train your cat where to do her thing. Buy a scoop or strainer with it so you can remove soiled bits. Wash it once a week with soap and water because cats don't want their litter box to be a messy, smelly one.


You can start off with an affordable bed because, chances are, your kitten is yet to explore your house and find her own spot to rest. This is normal, so do not be disappointed. Once you can see that your furbaby has settled and chosen her spot, then you can invest in a fancy wicker basket or plush bed.

Scratching post

Cats use scratching posts to exercise, clean away dead scales from their nails, and mark their territory. Getting a scratching post early will help train your kitten right away. Choose a scratching post that is sturdy and tall so your kitten can stretch out in full length. Encourage her to play often so she'll be trained early on. This can help you because once she's trained to do scratching on the post, there's a higher chance that your furniture won't incur any damage.

Collar, harness, and leash

It's good to have a harness or leash ready, but it's not necessary early on since kittens dislike being on a harness. You should already have a collar, though, because this will serve as her identification tag. Make sure the collar is lightweight and have her wear it early on so she can get used to the sensation.

Grooming tools

A flea comb and a brush are two must-haves for grooming. Ask your veterinarian or groomer what they could recommend is best for your kitten.


If kids are happy with toys, so are cats. So get your cat some toys to play with. Some great playthings include a table tennis ball, unshelled walnut, balled-up waxed paper, or a cardboard toilet paper tube. Use your imagination to nurture their curiosity.

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