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Dopamine dressing: A guide to the trend & dressing yourself happy

With the unpredictability of the last two years, outfit aesthetic has often taken a backseat to dressing for practicality. There’s no denying sneakers and sweatpants have had their place, but many of us are once again finding joy in dressing up, as we slowly emerge into a post-lockdown world. Dopamine dressing has been predicted as a major trend in 2022 and will see a rise in vibrant outfits that feature colourful palettes. Check out this quick guide to curating a wardrobe that brings contentment.

What is dopamine dressing?

To understand the concept, it’s important to first understand the role of dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain that makes us feel good and sends out messages to other parts of the brain. The goal of dopamine dressing is to boost your mood, by choosing outfits that brings you joy – whatever your taste.

Figure out what sort of clothing you associate with joy and wear more of it

When dopamine is released, it creates a feeling a reward which motivates us to repeat behaviours or in this case, outfits. Colour, style and texture all have the power to produce psychological connections and can be associated with positive memories. Whether it was a bold blazer or a killer dress, think about the outfits you have felt most confident wearing and recreate those styles as often as possible.

Embrace colour and creative aesthetics

While fuschia and electric blue have been leading the charge, there is no need to rely on one specific colour. Dopamine dressing is less about the colour itself and more about what you associate with particular shades. Colour association is totally subjective, so think about the colours you already love and lean into those. For some, wearing black might bring more joy than bright colours, so it's all about choosing styles to suit your individual taste.

Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Trying a totally new look could also trigger a dopamine release and help you to find an unexpected new aesthetic or colour palette for your wardrobe.


What’s a fun outfit without some playful accessories? Inject even more joy into your outfit with some bright arm candy or statement jewellery.

Don’t forget the footwear

Dress yourself happy from top to toe, paying particular attention to footwear. Remember the ultimate goal is about boosting your mood and wearing outfits you feel comfortable and confident in, so depending on your taste, this could mean anything from a chunky slide to a strappy heel. The best thing about dopamine dressing is that there are no rules!

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