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How to create the ultimate playroom for your little one


How to create the ultimate playroom for your little one

If you have the luxury of space in your home to have a dedicated a playroom for your kids, there are two main things you’ll want it to be: fun and functional. Plus, if you have or are planning to have more than one child – you’ll want the space to last for years to come, so they can all enjoy it together! Regardless of whether you’re looking for small playroom ideas, extra playroom storage options, or playroom decorations, we've created a handy, go-to guide to help you.

By creating a safe and cosy environment, you’ll be giving them the freedom to engage in creative, independent, and imaginative play. Not to mention it will be essential in enhancing their development and skills too. Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips and tricks that will help you create the ultimate playroom.

Consider the use of space

Kids require both tables and floor space for them to play. For activities like puzzles, art projects, building blocks and colour books, having a small table they can sit around will allow them to better focus on that activity. They can even have tea parties or play musical chairs with that space too.

As for making the most of available floor space, why not jazz up the kids’ playroom with soft rugs, floor mats, plush cushions and bean bags? They’ll appreciate having the ability to lounge around wherever they like and revel in comfort. Plus, kids love creating forts too so be sure to have lots of throws and blankets around!

Add a whiteboard or chalkboard

You might have a little budding artist or designer in the works, so why not give them the pleasure of letting their imagination run wild, and get doodling? Having a large whiteboard or chalkboard on one side of the kids’ playroom would be perfect for them to release all that creative energy.

Alternatively, if you’d like to save your walls for other forms of decoration or storage, an easel does the trick without taking up too much space. Some even come with additional in-built storage features as well, so that’s a real bonus!

Having ample storage is key

With a whole hoard of toys, arts and craft materials, colouring books and more to put away, storage is probably one of the most important functionalities in a playroom. Opt for multi-bin organisers with lots of compartmentalised storage space to keep all those toys neatly away.

You’ll never find yourself having too many containers or baskets – they go a long way in keeping everything out of sight and where they belong. It’s also a great way to teach your kids to clean up their mess after they’re done playing – such habits are important to inculcate at a young age.

Create a reading nook

To quote Dr Seuss on the importance of reading – “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go” – getting your little ones fascinated by stories and having a genuine interest in reading, will help in expanding their knowledge and encourage a thirst for learning.

So be sure to create a cosy corner with a bookshelf, so your kid can read anytime they want and display all their favourite books – colouring books included! Add reading lamps too if needed, for warm lighting that makes it conducive to read.

Decorate the walls

What better way to personalise the playroom than with fun quotes or wall prints? Not only does it add a playful and colourful touch, but it also creates a world that they can own – unique to their individual personality. Unicorns, mermaids, and dinosaurs are popular themes that won’t go wrong. Removable wall decals also give you the opportunity to update or change the theme of the playroom as your child grows. For added colour and sophistication, lovely prints will help to jazz up the walls too!

Fill it up with toys

Ah, the most important part of the playroom – TOYS! Cuddly soft toys always grow to become important members of the family (with your little one lugging them around everywhere), plus they add adorable vibes to the playroom.

Wooden toys are also perfect for imaginative, open-ended play with the absence of light or sound effects to stimulate creativity – plus they’re really durable. Don’t forget educational toys and playsets too!

Check out Kidstuff, Creative Play Resources, Eckersley's Art & Craft, Games Chain and Mystery Planet for more toys and games to fill up your kid's playroom!

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