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Ted's Cameras: The 5 best microphones for podcasting

Podcasting is taking the world by storm. An effective way to present your opinions, knowledge, or even your creativity, podcasting allows individuals all over the world to broadcast anything they want. Similar to having a private radio station, podcasts are fantastic for breeding creativity and collaboration. However, no matter how interesting you are or how good your content is, no one will want to listen to you if you don’t have a proper podcast setup with a quality microphone.

To ensure you have the right equipment needed to start a podcast, read on to discover Ted’s Cameras top five best podcast microphones. If you’re unfamiliar with microphones, or this is your first time venturing into the world of podcasting, we hope this guide helps you find what you need.

1. Rode NT-USB Microphone

For plug-in and play functionality, the Rode NT-USB microphone is a no brainer. Plugging directly into the USB port of your computer, the NT-USB is an excellent podcast mic if you want to record straight to your computer. Plus, its small size makes it easy to slip into your bag for an on-the-go podcast setup.

With its sleek and stylish aesthetic, the Rode NT-USB microphone features some handy accessories, including a desktop tripod, a pop shield to reduce feedback, and a long 6M USB cable so you can comfortably position it anywhere you want. With simplicity in mind, the NT-USB from Rode is a fantastic podcast microphone.

2. Rode Podcaster USB Broadcast Microphone

Burgeoning podcasters will adore the Rode Podcaster USB Broadcast Microphone for its accurate broadcast-quality audio recording capabilities and its ease of use.

On top of USB connectivity, the Rode Broadcaster Mic features a headphone output on the side for lag-free monitoring, alongside a built-in pop filter for reducing feedback and noise distortion from plosive sounds.

Top Tip: Why do you need a pop filter? Plosive sounds are made by completely blocking airflow as it leaves the body while talking. Typically followed by a release of air, plosive sounds can create wind noises and harsh feedback that can cause your recording to pop or click. Using a pop filter can dramatically reduce the impact of plosive sounds.

3. Mirfak TU1 USB Desktop Microphone

Usually, a jack of all trades is a master of none, but not the Mirfak TU1 USB Desktop Microphone. Boasting everything you could ever need to start recording, with minimal fuss straight out of the box, the Mirfak TU1 is a solid choice for any would-be or novice podcaster. The package includes a desktop stand for positioning your mic, a pop filter for reducing plosive sounds, and an all-black wear-resistant exterior and metal construction that will match any podcast setup.

Beyond its sleek and sexy looks, the TU1 podcast microphone features a built-in sound card allowing you to achieve CD-quality audio, which can be adjusted on the fly thanks to headphone monitoring and dedicated volume and echo knobs.

4. Boya BY-DM100 USB-C Mic for Android

And now for something, a little different. The Boya BY-DM100 USB-C microphone is designed to record audio from your Android smartphone instead of your computer. Featuring a built-in USB-C connection, the BY-DM100 boasts a portable and lightweight design that makes it ideal for creating high-quality content while travelling or on location. In addition, the Boya BY-DM1000 records stereo audio via a classic X/Y configuration, making this podcast mic compatible with a bunch of recording applications right on your phone. Whether vlogging or podcasting, the Boya Mic for Android, is a versatile piece of podcast gear.

If you’re after one of the most portable podcast microphones, then the Boya BY-DM100 USB-C Mic for Android is for you. If you have an iPhone, however, well, keep reading.

5. Boya BY-WM3D Wireless Microphone System - Lightning

For those on team Apple, the Boya BY-WM3D Wireless Microphone System Lightning edition is another smartphone-friendly podcast microphone made for iPhone. However, unlike the BY-DM100 and its USB-C connectivity, the BY-WM3D can be used with various devices via the included Lighting, 3.5mm TRS and TRRS adapters. In addition, the wireless design reduces the appearance of unsightly cables, making it ideal for vlogging and on-the-go podcasting.

The Boya BY-WM3D uses the highly reliable 2.4GHz transmission technology, with its receiver and transmitter can record for up to 4.5 hours and 8 hours on a full charge, respectively. If you want to podcast whenever you want, no matter where you are, then the Boya BY-WM3D Wireless Microphone System Lightning is the best podcast microphone for you.

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