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Different types of vases to beautify any home in 2022

Vases come in an array of styles, shapes, sizes and materials, so when it comes to finding a vase to suit your home, there are many different types of vases to choose from. This handy guide to vases covers all you need to know about choosing the perfect type of vase for your home as well as a selection of our favourite vases you can shop now. Whether you’re after a statement vase for your sideboard or dining table, or a small, delicate vase for your bathroom or bedside table, we've got a range of different vase types guaranteed to beautify your home.

What are the different vase styles?

Sculptural vases

Consider a sculptural vase as a mini work of art. These types of vases can stand alone as a beautiful decorative piece, hold a stunning floral arrangement or a single leaf. These types of vases look especially fitting in contemporary spaces and depending on the material of the vase, can bring a textural component to the room.

Vintage-inspired vases

Vintage designs are extremely popular and there are a variety of options available if you’re looking to add or amplify the retro vibe in your home. Jump on the 70s trend by choosing a shapely glass vase in an earthy tone and fill it with a pretty bunch of wild flowers.

Quirky vases

From vases with faces in the shape of animals to those referencing body parts, quirky vases are perfect for injecting personality into a room. Whether you have an eclectic home filled with the unique and the unusual, or a spot that’s crying out for a pop of colour or something interesting, a quirky vase is the perfect choice.

What are the different vase styles and shapes?

Bowl-shaped vase

A bowl-shaped vase is spherical in shape from base to lip. It is perfectly matched to hold a beautiful bouquet of flowers and makes for a stunning centrepiece. For an elegant look, fill your bowl-shaped vase with short, stemmed flowers to keep the body of the vase unobstructed. Just ensure to refresh with clean water to keep your vase looking its best.

Bouquet-shaped vase

A bouquet-shaped vase can be identified by its hourglass shape. If you’re looking for a vase to hold large head flowers, a bouquet-shaped vase is an ideal choice. The stable base, wide body and tapered lip design of a bouquet-shaped vase allow it to support weighty flower bouquets, keeping them secure and upright.

Cube-shaped vase

If you’re a fan of clean lines, or need a vase to neatly sit in a corner, then a cube-shaped vase is the way to go. Cube-shaped vases tend to be shorter in height, but come in a range of sizes and openings. Larger mouth openings hold large arrangements nicely, while the smaller openings often will hold a few stems or look stunning holding just one stemmed leaf. square shape are ideal if you're looking for a piece that won't easily tip over, as they're

Cylinder-shaped vase

The simplicity of a cylinder-shaped vase makes it the perfect vessel to showcase long stemmed flowers or shapely, brilliant, coloured flowers like orchids. Their tall, slender design help to bring height to a room or to a collection of vessels and decorative pieces. They also come in a range of materials, including glass, ceramic, and porcelain depending on what look you prefer.

What are the different vase materials?

Glass vases

If you’re unsure of what type of vase to get you can’t go wrong with a classic glass vase, not to mention you’ll be spoilt for choice. Glass vases come in a range of heights, shapes and sizes so you’re guaranteed to find a glass vase for whatever spot in your home you have in mind. While clear glass vases are an elegant choice, glass vases also come in a multitude of coloured tints and textures, if you’re looking for something a little extra.

Ceramic vases

Ceramic vases are a popular vase material because they are easy to clean, durable, scratch resistant and there are a multitude of shapes, styles and glaze options available. The beautiful organic shapes, textures and imperfection of ceramic vases made by hand are a very popular choice and ideal for those who want a unique vase. One thing to note about ceramic vases, is that they are not always watertight, so some form of waterproofing maybe be required.

Metal vases

Vases made of metal are a great break-proof option and suit industrial or contemporary style homes. The durability of metal vases makes them perfect to display indoors or outdoors, especially in high traffic areas. They are available in a range of colours and textures from smooth to more rustic finishes and suit holding anything from fresh cut flowers to more artistic arrangements.

Porcelain vases

Porcelain vases are part of the ceramic vase family, and is well-known for its hard, smooth surface and glossy exterior. Ornate artwork is a signature feature of porcelain vases which make it ideal for Victorian-era inspired interiors, however they also create an interesting contrast against more contemporary and industrial-style backdrops.

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