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Adorable Christmas photoshoot with the pets of Westfield

Christmas is a time to come together to celebrate with our loved ones, enjoy some festive cheer and take part in Christmas traditions. One tradition that is steadily on the rise is dressing up and getting Christmas photos with our pets. As a pet loving bunch here at Westfield, we set up a Christmas pet photoshoot starring five Westfield team members and their furry four-legged family members to capture some adorable photo moments and to find out who's been naughty and nice this year.

Amy + Winnie

Winnie is an 8-month-old working cocker spaniel (wocker)

Tell us a bit about Winnie. What is she famous for?
Winnie always makes me smile and has a real joy for life. She is famous for ALWAYS being hungry. Always. She’s been known to convince my husband of a second meal when she’s only just been fed. It’s those spaniel eyes… She’s also a terrible thief - stealing shoes, socks, underwear, whatever she can find. We have three boys, so getting ready for school in the morning can be amusingly chaotic. She's also known for taking every opportunity to roll on her back for tummy tickles, which is probably how she gets away with the former two! She’s just so ridiculously adorable and she uses it to her advantage all the time.

What's something Winnie does that never fails to make you laugh?
Winnie is like a Velcro strip on legs. She manages to pick up every grass seed in the neighbourhood and loves a muddy puddle. Every few weeks we give her a bath and I’m particularly amused about how miserable she looks when we wash her… I’ve never seen a dog look so droopy and sorry for themself!

Are you and Winnie similar in anyway? If so, how?
I think we both believe food is something to celebrate and you can get most things you need in life by being nice to people!

What puts Winnie on the nice list this year?
Well, I’m her favourite and she’s the only other girl in the household, so she’s always on my nice list!

And what about the naughty list?
Digging holes in the garden. None of our other dogs have done this, so it’s new territory for us and we haven’t worked out how to prevent it.

What will you be buying Winnie for Christmas?
A collar for sure. Winnie’s still a pup and has been growing at an alarming rate – she’s like a barrel on legs and is just about to grow out of her current collar. David Jones has a great selection for something a bit different. They have a fabulous Camilla collar I have my eye on. I’m also super keen to get her a collapsible water bowl which will come in handy for trips to the beach/coast.

Camilla printed dog collar available at David Jones, $94

Chris + Hunter

Hunter is a 2-year-old Spoodle

Tell us a bit about Hunter. What is he famous for?
For context, we make Hunter sleep on his own bed, but he's becoming famous for sneaking up onto our bed in the middle of the night and somehow claiming a whole side of the bed to himself.

What's something he does that never fails to make you laugh?
Hunter can give a mean side eye. Whenever he does it, I can’t help but laugh and I can’t take him seriously.

Are you and Hunter similar in anyway? If so, how?
Yes, we both love the water! Hunter takes up every opportunity to go for a swim and loves getting amongst it.

What puts Hunter on the nice list this year?
Being a superstar at his first photoshoot! He did so well, and we are proud parents for it.

And what about the naughty list?
When camping out on our mate’s farm he crossed the boundary and started to herd the cows. (My wife wasn’t happy, but I was impressed). He then proceeded to roll in cow poo. I did start to worry though when the cows started to chase him.

What will you be getting Hunter for Christmas this year?
We definitely want to get him a pet water fountain mat to help him cool down in summer and because he loves water. We also want to get him this sofa in the hopes it will stop him chilling on our couch.

Pet water fountain mat, $15 and pet sofa bed, $79 both available at Kmart

Fi + Chase + Lexi

Chase is a 5-year-old Kelpie x Catahoula Leopard Dog and Lexi is a friend’s 3.5-year-old Golden Retriever

Tell us a bit about Chase and Lexi…
We got Chase as a rescue when he was one-year-old. He was completely untrained and a total whirlwind, but he has worked really hard on his training.

Lexi isn’t my dog, I’m just dog sitting her, but when she comes to stay with us, she is always so polite and so great with Chase. They get on because they are so different. She is gentle and calming which helps him to chill out a bit! When Lexi stays with us, she always wants to sleep in Chase’s bed.

What is something that Chase & Lexi are known for?
Chase likes to take the innersoles out of my husband’s trainers and bury them in the garden. They must smell better than mine as he never takes mine or anyone else’s.

Lexi just wants pats and hugs all the time. She loves humans and is the gentlest dog you could imagine.

What's something they do that never fails to make you laugh?
Chase howls and does little barks in his sleep. Sometimes you can hear him from other rooms.

If there’s a puddle, Lexi will find it and lay in it forever if you let her.

Are you and Chase similar in anyway? If so, how?
Chase and I are so similar! We both “act now, think later.” Like me, he barrels through life. He’s friendly, but very clumsy and sometimes he’s a bit of a whirlwind.

Lexi’s humans are an active family of five. She fits in perfectly with their lifestyle because she is so easy going and just wants to be around them all the time.

What will be under the tree for Chase and Lexi this Christmas?
For some reason, Chase loves green things and his old crocodile toy is on its way out so I’d treat him to a nice, fresh new one. Plus, he goes wild for the squeaks.

Pet toy plush 16 squeak crocodile, $7.50 from Kmart

For Lexi, this detangling brush so her coat stays nice after all those muddy swims she loves so much and this plush toy. She loves, loves, loves carrying a toy around - also it’s a duck, which is what she was bred for, so win-win. She’s a typical retriever.

Oakwood Detangling Slicker Brush, $16.50 and Tails Mallard Plush Dog Toy, $9.50 both available at Big W

Raffi + Lola

Lola is a 10-month-old Blue Mitted Ragdoll

What is Lola known for?
Being a parkour master and showing off whenever we have guests by doing somersaults off every piece of furniture. She also presents her toys to people when she is playing. I still haven’t figured out if she wants to play fetch or if it’s intended as a gift.

What's something Lola does that never fails to make you laugh?
Going into cupboards without us realising then calling for help after 15 minutes. Sometimes it can be longer before she lets us know she’s been imprisoned.

Are you and Lola similar in anyway? If so, how?
Yes, we have two moods - tired or very hyperactive!

What puts Lola on the nice list this year?
Lola can somehow tell if my girlfriend or I are not feeling great and will tone down her antics to sit or lie quietly with us for hours and be super cuddly.

And the naughty list?
Lola completely destroyed my leather desk chair with her parkour performances so my girlfriend bought me a cloth chair for my birthday to replace it. Hopefully it's more durable!

What gift will you be getting Lola this Christmas and why?
Lola would be happy with anything that comes in a box, but I think we will get her a nice, good quality collar like this Frank Green one from David Jones.

Frank Green cat collar from David Jones, $49.95

Xanthe + Scout

Scout is a 1-year-old Papillon

What is Scout famous for?
Scout is a sock bandit. If I ever don’t know where he is, chances are he is rummaging through the laundry basket or sneaking into a cupboard looking for a rogue sock. He hoards them around our home and I often find them between the couch pillows or nestled in his bed. As soon as I come home and take my shoes off, he’s nose deep in them looking for socks!

What's something he does that never fails to make you laugh?
When Scout wakes up each morning, he gets a huge burst of the ‘zoomies’ and runs around the apartment like a fluffy little tornado – on and off the couch, inside and outside, leaving his toys scattered everywhere. The other day he was so fast that he knocked over his water bowl, which was hilarious and pretty impressive for a 2.5kg dog!

Are you and Scout similar in anyway? If so, how?
Yes – food is the way to both of our hearts and we both rely on little treats to get us through the day.

What puts Scout on the nice list this Christmas?
Papillons are generally known to be very lively and playful, and while Scout definitely is, he’s also the ultimate lap dog. I can count on him to cuddle on the couch at the end of a long day, and to never leave my side if I’m feeling under the weather.

And the naughty list?
Scout is very fond of little ‘trinkets’ that he brings in from outside – usually pebbles, grass, and leaves. Sometimes this lands him on the naughty list if I find ripped up leaves on the freshly cleaned carpets, but overall, he doesn’t do a whole lot of damage – and it’s quite funny!

What gift will you be putting under the tree for Scout?
I’ve been eyeing off this Frank Green pet treat holder in either green or pink. It would be great for on-the-go training at the park.

Inspired to get a Christmas photo with your pet?

Visit your local Westfield centre website to book your pet photography session with Santa or choose from our other Santa photography options.