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How to create a rainbow-themed bedroom

Every child gets to a stage where they want to decorate their room and it usually involves a theme and when it comes to themed rooms, rainbows are up there on a child’s wish list. Good news is, it doesn’t mean having to paint rainbows on walls – unless you want to. The joy and magic of the colour arches in the sky can be brought into the bedroom with removable wall decals, bedding and a few rainbow inspired pieces. So, if it’s rainbows one week and mermaids the next – it’s easy enough to change up. The key to getting any themed room right all comes down to carefully chosen pieces and good editing. Not every item in rainbow colours or covered in a rainbow print deserves a spot in the room. Choose the pieces you and your child love and bring in block-coloured pieces, complementary patterns and even extend the theme out to include clouds and unicorns so your rainbow look isn’t so repetitive.

The other tip for a successful rainbow-themed room is incorporating a neutral colour to anchor the whole theme. Neutral-coloured walls provide a great backdrop to busy rainbow prints, and larger sized items like wardrobes and a rug will also help your rainbow themed room feel considered. Ready to step into the wonderful world of rainbows? Here are five decorative ways to easily transform your child’s room from standard to super cute in a day.

1. Wall decals

Bringing the joy and magic of rainbows into your child’s bedroom can be as simple as decorating their walls with removable rainbow wall stickers. Before you begin, choose one wall as your rainbow feature wall and give it a good clean before applying the stickers. Next comes the fun bit - choosing your rainbow colour palette. For those who want the more traditional rainbow look, there’s bright rainbow decals or for those who favour softer hues, pastels and neutral toned rainbow decals are also available.

2. Bedroom décor

If you want to create a bedroom which hints at a rainbow theme as opposed to a full colour takeover, carefully chosen decorative pieces is the way to go. Consider a rainbow-inspired clock, a cute wall hanging, a rug – or even all three - as long as they are spaced out around the room.

3. Toys

Bringing colour and sparkle into your child’s bedroom can be as simple as adding a few rainbow-coloured toys into the mix. Place one or two of their favourite soft toys on their bed and display a few items which could also double as decorative pieces on a shelf.

4. Bedding

Look to quilt covers, blankets or cushions to bring your rainbow-themed bedroom to life. Incorporate bedding in block colours to balance busy prints and consider a few textural pieces to create an inviting and cosy bed. Bedding is also a great way to extend the rainbow theme to incorporate other rainbow related things like stars, clouds or unicorns. These things don’t have to be literal either. A fluffy white blanket or pillow can reference a cloud and a pale blue sheet set can reference the sky.

5. Personal pieces

If your child is well into their rainbow obsession, using a few statement pieces they love is a great way to decorate their room. Perhaps they have a favourite rainbow dress that would look great on display hanging up on a wall hook or they have a pair of rainbow-coloured roller skates that are too cool not to showcase on a shelf. Any of your child's artwork that fits the theme can also make for great decorative items, not to mention creates a more personalised room.

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