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Our guide to the best kettles for every kitchen

Perhaps the most used appliance in our kitchens, the handy-dandy kettle is often overlooked until it goes bust, leaving a rather inconvenient gap in our daily morning and night routines. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a sleek model, some basic factors you'll want to consider include:

  1. How heavy or balanced the kettle is when full
  2. How sturdy the base is to lift from
  3. Electric or stovetop
  4. Temperature settings (for the tea connoisseurs)
  5. Cord length in relation to your power outlet
  6. Noise levels during boil and how it indicates when boiled

Out of the most popular and highly-rated kettles, read on for our guide to the best models for each style of kitchen.

For a Hamptons style kitchen

For a kitchen that Martha Stewart would be proud of, here are a few gorgoeus models that spell country chic. A traditional, stovetop kettle also lends a rustic touch.

For a sleek minimalist kitchen

For the modern chef looking for appliances that complement your workspace rather then create a statement, these kettles are bound to hit the spot. Look for clean silhoettes, wooden or geometric detailing which add texture without disrupting your sleek aestatic.

For the lux kitchen

These European inspired models will add a touch of luxury to your everyday. From elegant lines to gold and rose gold metallic trims, these appliances work equally hard in both the looks and practically departments.