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Cosy furnishings to add to your home

As the cooler months creep in, the first thing we feel like doing is grabbing a warm blanket, a hot tea (or maybe something a little stronger) and sinking into a pile of cosy cushions. We want our interiors to feel warm and welcoming, planning for movie nights spent curled up on the couch and days spent reading our favourite book by the fire. But first we need to transform our homes into soft and soothing retreats.

Create armchair appeal

Use layering pieces like blankets, throws and cushions to update your favourite armchair or couch. This will add an instant element of warmth to the space without having to change out your core furniture pieces.

Rug up with shaggy finishes

Creating head-to-toe comfort is key, so start from the floor up and invest in a cosy rug that will pair nicely with your throws and cushions. Remember to think about your space and how you use it - place rugs where you need extra softness underfoot, possibly beneath the dining table, next to your bed, or to fill a large entertaining space.

Use plush textures

Swap out light weight bedlinen for more heavy-duty blankets and donnas. Velvet, flannel or boucle fabrics will add another layer of depth and comfort to your bedroom or living space.

Incorporate rich jewel tones

Introducing deeper jewel tones throughout your home will evoke a mood of sophistication that in the warmer months may feel too overwhelming. Play with shades of emerald, ruby, sapphire or citrine among your homewares and linens.

Wall decor

Use abstract art pieces to evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort, either through colour or texture. This will help you achieve a cosy atmosphere and add a little something extra to elevate your walls.

Include natural elements

Bringing the outdoors inside helps to create instant warmth and allows us to be closer to nature as we hibernate for the season. As well as plants, consider natural materials like wood, clay, rattan and even crystals to bring your space to life.

Set the scene

Nothing is more relaxing on a cold night than the gentle flicker of a nearby flame. But if you’re not lucky enough to have an open fireplace (like many of us) candles, soft lighting and soothing scents are the next best thing to create this dreamy atmosphere.

Add some shine

Mix in metallic and reflective details for the finishing touch. Any elements that reflect the light will help to break up different textures and tones and will look incredibly polished whilst doing so.

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