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Mizzie The Kangaroo: How do I know if my bub is teething?


Mizzie The Kangaroo: How do I know if my bub is teething?

by Sandra Ebbott

Bub has been earth-side a few months, you have finally mastered nappy changes, feeding times are serene, sleep may be returning to your life and you are loving watching your little one develop! Suddenly, things take a turn and your precious angel is now screaming at every opportunity, they are irritable, and refusing to sleep. Chances are they are about to or have already begun to cut their first teeth. HELP! Don't worry too much, Mizzie is here to help!

From around 3-6 months you may notice changes in bubs temperament as the first incisors begin to push their way painfully through the gums. (Teething times do vary from baby to bay and you may notice these changes as early as birth or as late as 12 months) Some things to look out for if you think bub has begun teething are:

Excessive crying and frustration

By now we all know how much babies can cry over anything, but during teething, they are using this cry to vent their frustration and communicate they are not feeling very great. At this time, there isn’t a lot that you can do to remedy the feeling for them. Make sure your giving them lots of attention and soothing - the use of teething aids like Mizzie or mini Mizzie to help them relieve physical symptoms and for babies over 6 months you may even offer some ibuprofen to temporarily dull their pain.


From around 6 months old, babies will begin to drool whether they are teething or not. This is because their salivary glands are getting ready to start breaking down foods and keep their mouth healthy. When teething, they begin producing more saliva to aid in cleaning the new teeth and keeping the mouth area moist and germ free as they start putting things in their mouth. Whilst you can’t stop the drooling you can make sure to keep bub's face clear and dry to avoid a moisture rash around their chin and mouth area.

Low grade fever

Sometimes the inflammation inside bubs mouth can cause their body to react resulting in a low-grade fever trying to minimise inflammation and discomfort. This can be managed with the use of paracetamol and/or ibuprofen if over 6 months old, however if the fever raises or continues, seek medical attention. You may also notice rosier cheeks than usual due to the increased inflammation or that baby tugs at his ears to alleviate the pain.

Chewing on hands and toys

Bub will most likely start to chew - a lot! Chewing on anything they can get their hands on or even making little fists and gnawing on them. This is where Mizzie really shines. At this stage we should encourage them to chew on firm yet yielding objects - like the soft and squishy 100% natural rubber of Mizzie. (It is suggested to avoid rusk style teethers as they can break off in baby’s mouth causing choking hazards).

Loss of appetite

During this painful time your baby may refuse some feeds. As stressful as it is trying to repeatedly feed your little one only to have them cry and push away, we need to remember that she is only doing this as a result of her pain. It is important to keep up their nutrition by offering alternative methods of eating. If bub has started on solids, you can try offering semi frozen purees or cold fruits in a mesh feeder. If you are still breast or bottle feeding you can offer more frequent smaller feeds with extra cuddles.

Some babies will experience all of these symptoms, some will have none and others will have completely a different experience, either way, it important to remember that this phase is temporary and the best thing you can do is to be prepared and be there to comfort bubs through this time.

There are plenty of ways to ease teething pain, from gels and beads to toys and home remedies, your choices are almost endless. Note: some gels may be ban in your country.

Here at Mizzie, we obviously think our solution is best!

Our 100% Natural Rubber Teething Toy, Mizzie The Kangaroo, is the perfect companion your bub needs to soothe gums, keep entertained and gently stimulate their sensory development! Mizzie is not only an amazing solution, she also becomes a beloved friend that you and your little one can rely on!

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