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Into the Mystic: Q&A with Milli Ross

Dive into the unknown; Into The Mystic. A collection imagined as a symphony of contradictions that remind us that nothing is forever and that life is best enjoyed in the now. A creation for the times we live in.

For this collection we’re drawn to the natural, choosing animal prints, traditional patterns and luxurious fibres to create beautiful silhouettes. Find beloved pieces such as short dresses, scarfs and a cult favourite wrap maxi dress.

What takes us far away from each other, also brings us back home. Soft and strong, delicate and bold - a balance of contradictions. And when the day folds into night, you know where to find us; breathing in the misty air and following the breeze towards the next adventure.

What's your star sign?


Sunset or sunrise?

Definitely sunset.

My go-to karaoke song is...

Gimmie Gimmie by ABBA 100%.

What was your favourite piece from the campaign to wear?

The Jemila Clio Slip Maxi Dress! (coming soon)

Fave travel destination?

My favourite travel destination would have to be Bali!

Best beach in Australia:

Cabarita Beach in New South Wales.

Best beach in the world:

Definitely beaches in Gold Coast/New South Wales or Greece!

What are your top travel essentials when packing?

Some sunglasses, lipgloss, my fave bikinis and of course my phone :)

My ultimate self-care ritual is….

I always make sure I have time to move my body, write in my gratitude journal and meditate. I find that it helps relax my mind and body and resets my mindset for the day or week.

I also love going to get massages!

My message for the world is...

To spread kindness and love wherever you go, whether that be to a stranger, a friend or to family.

You never know how much of impact you can make to someone’s day, month or even year!

Words I live by...

I love the saying: "You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and there will still be someone who hates peaches".

So my final words are, be your authentic self and live life to the best of your ability. You’ll never be able to please everyone, but you can always please yourself!


Model: Milli Ross
Photographer: Jaime Green
Shot on location at: The Manor, Byron Bay
Words: Xina Lam
Stylist/Producer: Alicia Feebrey
Creative: Belinda Fairbanks
Production: Anna Batchelar, Jane Halsall

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