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The Quinn Girls: How to prep for a kids’ birthday party

As a mother of three daughters, Eleesha Quinn from the.quinn.girls knows a thing or two about how to throw an amazing kids’ birthday party. We caught up with Eleesha to get her tips on how to plan, prep and what to gift for a kids’ birthday celebration they’ll never forget.

Tip 1: Choose a theme

The best place to start when organising a kids' birthday party is to choose a theme and the colours you want to work with. It’s important to find a theme your child is into and create a special moment for them within that. An ongoing theme my girls and I love is ‘boho picnics in the park’. Choosing a theme makes deciding on details such as the decorations, the type of food served, invitations and even the venue, a lot easier.

Tip 2: Incorporate games and activities

Entertainment and games at a birthday party ensure everyone has a great time. My girls absolutely love craft and painting so when planning their birthday parties, I make sure to incorporate these activities in some way. Pinatas and playing pass-the-parcel are also favourite birthday party activities of theirs too.

Tip 3: Stick to a budget

Allowing yourself time to shop around or make things from scratch can really take the strain off the back pocket when it comes to party planning.

Tip 4: Have a back-up plan

It pays to be organised! In case of bad weather, it’s always wise to have a back-up location for your party.

Tip 5: Give a thoughtful present

It really depends on the child, but I love to gift three types of presents; either a present they need, a present they want or a present that’s meaningful. One of my favourite gifts to give is board games. They’re such a universally loved gift and they cater to all ages.

Tip 6: Invite those who matter most

The biggest highlight for my girls on their birthday is having all their family and friends together. It makes them feel so loved knowing everyone is there to celebrate their special day.

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