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OPSM - Good eye health and writing and reading


OPSM - Good eye health and writing and reading

Some things are just meant to go together, they just make sense, like cooling off at the beach on a hot summer’s day, or a warm hug when feeling blue.m Certain things in life work perfectly when in sync and this is one of those times.

When Lynette Greenfield chose to visit OPSM for her eyewear and her eye health needs, it was not out of convenience alone. She’d needed reading glasses for years, after having experienced discomfort years prior. OPSM offered Lynette much more than workable eye wear, they offered experience and advice, which she found invaluable because her writing and publishing career relied upon keeping her eyes healthy, in order to finish her novels.

OPSM are Australia’s leading eyewear company, who pride themselves on exceptional customer service and quality products. So, it’s no wonder when Lynette returned for her yearly eye test, a partnership soon developed.

Brian Hickling at OPSM, North Lakes in Brisbane and Lynette Greenfield, the founder of Limelight Publishing, have teamed up to campaign a message that they strongly believe in; a highly important and often overlooked issue - that GOOD EYE HEALTH is a vital aspect in helping writer’s complete books, and indeed, allowing readers of all ages, the continued pleasure of discovering stories and learning.

Lynette Greenfield is an author and publisher with over 26 years-experience. Writing has always been part of her life, having travelled to America for Book Con and Book Expo in recent years. She’d always written novels, but last year she decided it was time to create a book about her writing, to share the knowledge she’d gained over the years, in an attempt to help fellow writers walk in her path, their own way.

Her latest title is called Write Publish Repeat, and is currently sold at Dymocks. It is filled with advice about writing and motivation; how to get published, industry knowledge, social media marketing, and tips that industry professionals would rather not disclose. Lynette’s ultimate dream is to help others publish, already achieving this through Limelight Publishing, now furthering her reach with, Write Publish Repeat.

In the book, there is also an interview with Peter Murphy at OPSM, highlighting the importance of taking care of our eyes for the benefit of long-term health, because now more than ever, as we move from paper to screens, it is vital that this conversation is at the forefront for readers, authors, and for the wider community in general.

Lynette believes that anyone can write a book, she even includes an interview with a blind author, who talks about the challenges he had to overcome in order to publish, which only raises the topic of eye health even further. What can we all do to keep our eyes healthy? How do we avoid longer term medical issues through good eye health? How often should we be getting eye tests as part of our regular self-care routine? These questions, and much more, are addressed in this essential and informative guide, Write Publish Repeat.

For all your essential eye health needs, including eye tests, relevant and essential advice, and exceptional eyewear, visit the wonderful staff at OPSM.