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How did the evil eye amulet come about?

The exact origin of the Evil Eye amulet is unknown. The belief in the Evil Eye amulet is strongest in the Mediterranean, but it is highly likely that the use of amulets to protect from curses originated in Ancient Egypt. The origin of the Evil Eye can be traced back three thousand years to the region of Sumer in Mesopotamia, but again, the origins probably dated back a lot further.

The protective amulet, the evil eye or all seeing eye is worn to ward off evil and protect you from harm. It can also help you focus on happiness, business and grow your wealth.

Something interesting we found out about is the symbolism of different colours.

Dark blue: The traditional colour. Promoting good karma and fate. Opens communication and keeps you calm, cool and collected.

Orange: Helps protect against the human evil eye, promotes longevity of happiness and aids creativity.

Light blue: Protects against the wider evil eye and promotes peace.

Green: Helps you find balance and happiness.

Red: Promotes braveness and protections you. It makes the person strong and energized.

Purple: The colour of imagination. Rebalancing and removing any blockages.

Yellow/Gold: Helps promote mental sharpness and battles exhaustion.

It is a common practice to be gifted evil eye jewelry. Most people opt for a necklace because they can keep the protection close to them at all times, but rings and bracelets are becoming more popular too. Most jewellery pieces are beautiful and have a lot of sparkle - wear it for fashion and protection! It does both.

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