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Merineo started in 2016 when the founder, Claire Hausler, from a passionate Australian wool growing family couldn’t find a suitable Merino wool sleeping bag for her newborn.

Knowing babies sleep better in superfine Merino and when swaddled, Claire designed the Merineo newborn swaddle bag with input from experienced hospital midwives. Her unique product was successfully hospital trialled at a Melbourne maternity hospital.

“The name Merineo is a play on the words “Merino” and “neonate” representing the origins of Merineo,” says Claire.

Merineo’s range now includes baby sleeping bags, blankets and infant clothing all made from the very softest Australian grown merino wool. Her family sell wool to the very mill in Italy which Claire buys fabrics from.

“Ninety percent of the world’s fine apparel wool is grown by Australian farmers. It’s a privilege to support our local economy through our products, which are also all made in Australia,” says Claire.

Merino wool is a natural, breathable fibre, and it’s amazing eco-friendly credentials means it biodegrades in 6 months, making its products planet-friendly.

Thermoregulating, Merino wool helps keep baby’s cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Wool is the only fibre with air-pockets, creating a cosy micro-climate of air next to the skin, allowing heat release, and reducing the risk of baby overheating.

Recent research showed superfine Merino wool of 17.5 micron or less, the quality used by Merineo, helps reduce the symptoms of child eczema.

Merineo has recently won several awards, including a Finalist Award in the Victorian Premiers Design Awards. The flagship Newborn Swaddle Bag won the Gold Award and the Editor’s Choice Award for the Best Baby Sleep product for the Clean + Conscious Awards, and the Merino Toddler Bag also received a Finalist Award in the Baby Sleeping Bag category.

Having grown up with Merino wool, Claire is adept at selecting only the very softest Merino wool fabrics for her beautiful baby sleeping bags and clothing and ensures the design of her products provides long-lasting wear to the growing child.

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