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As parents we have often wondered: how can I tell if my baby is still breathing without disturbing them? How do I know my baby is getting enough milk? My baby looks uncomfortable, do they have a temperature? How long have they had it for? Currently parenting involves a lot of guesswork, we are developing smart clothes to help with these uncertainties to create calmer parents and healthier babies.

Our team of medical device engineers, developed a super comfy, easy to use smart baby singlet which utilises cutting edge e-textiles and smart sensors to track wellbeing data for babies. Goldilocks tracks your baby's habits around: sleep, feeding, breathing, skin and core temperature automatically. Over time, Goldilocks learns your baby’s habits and can provide personalised coaching and advice through a simple app to help keep your baby in the Goldilocks Zone – safe, happy and well.

Goldilocks looks like a standard singlet which a baby would normally wear under their clothes, with a small module in a pocket at the front. The suit is a robust design and guaranteed to last at least 100 washes. One module can be used across multiple onesies and the module has long lasting rechargeable batteries. The module communicates to the phone via Low Powered Bluetooth.

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