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Hi skincare lovers, I’m Annabelle founder of Mother of Tan. I am a mummy to three beautiful girls. A former flight attendant and sportsperson I was never in need of self-tanning as I was unfortunately in the sun a lot of the time.

It wasn’t until I had kids, I really understood the effects of the sun. I struggled to find a tan that looked REAL, smelt great and was not harmful to me or my family.

After working with Australian chemists, hand selecting natural ingredients and going back and forth testing until I had an amazing formula, we finally launched Mother of Tan in late 2021. We wanted to provide women with an alternative to synthetic and chemical filled tans.

Sadly, there are so many harmful tans out there that are available in groceries, chemists, and beauty outlets. While there are a lot of natural products available there are very few that are “clean” and that deliver great results at the same time. This is my vision and one that we want to empower you all to make along with making conscious decisions when it comes to putting things on our bodies.

Annabelle x

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