Let there be light


Let there be light

When Senior Interior and Conceptual Designers, Jane Barrett and Huan Khoo, begun working on the concepts for the new Westfield Stirling they were awed by the natural landscape, sparkling spirit and relaxed sensibility of Perth. These unique characteristics became the cornerstones of their designs with one element in-particular playing out in their work in various stunning iterations; the light.

Perth is renowned for its remarkable light due to the cleaner and clearer Western Australian air and this regional attribute is now celebrated in magnificent style throughout Jane and Huan's designs and in-particular through their 'super roof'.

Located at a key transition point in the mall Jane says "the super roof is a modern day sculpture that along with the grand staircase and amphitheatre creates a natural meeting and dwelling point in the mall".

The giant glazed umbrella sits 15 meters above the meeting point between two curated fashion malls "and is designed to capture all the dazzling Perth light to illuminate the mall below to create an immersive experience, particularly at dusk" Huan says.