The art of creating the ultimate toastie


The art of creating the ultimate toastie

By Bakers Delight

Whether you like your edges crusted shut or your bubbly cheese oozing, there’s no denying jaffles and toasties are the best comfort food.

Now you can take them to the next level with this, the ultimate guide to toasties and jaffles.

Here you’ll find tips and tricks, a guide to our favourite breads and we’ll even give you some delicious new recipe ideas that will get your mouth watering.

First thing’s first, you need the best bread for the job. The right shape, type of crust and bread consistency can make the difference between an excellent toastie or jaffle and a mind blowing, life changing one.

The best bread for toasties

Toasties lend themselves to bread in all shapes and sizes. You can make the thick crusted toastie of your dreams from the last two slices of an Authentic Sourdough Vienna or Pane di Casa Loaf, or go gourmet with our Turkish Bread sliced down the middle and full of all your favourite fillings.

Try our:

  • Turkish Bread
  • Authentic Sourdough Vienna
  • Pane Di Casa Loaf

The best bread for jaffles

We recommend a block loaf for those perfect, even triangles and crunchy edges. Our delicious Wholemeal Country Grain adds a bit of extra texture and crunch, while our Hi Fibre Lo-GI White Block Loaf is perfect for the classics.

Try our:

  • Hi Fibre Lo-GI White Block Loaf
  • Wholemeal Block
  • Wholemeal Country Grain Block Loaf

Top tips and tricks

To spread or not to spread?

All jaffle machines are non-stick these days so you can make a perfectly yummy jaffle without buttering your bread. However, we love a light slick on the outside for that extra golden glow.

Unless you’re using our Turkish Bread or a roll, a little lick of butter or your favourite non-dairy spread on the outside can help make your toastie glow. The weight of the sandwich press and the melty hot ingredients inside will help your sandwich stick together so there’s no need to put any on the inside.

Cheesy does it

A thick slab of cheddar is one of the most comforting, go-to, all-time-favourite toastie and jaffle fillings. But with so many different cheeses out there, why not give a different type of cheese a slice of the action. A bit of blue turns your classic toastie into a gourmet feast, while a slice of gouda goes all gooey, brie bubbles and Swiss is a hole-in-one.

Keep it all inside

Strategic placement of your filling is essential if you want to avoid spillage.

Keep your edges (and your press) clean by avoiding overhang. And, if your sandwich is a bit saucy (or baked beany or eggy), try and keep the liquids away from your edges by either placing them in the middle or using your other fillings to create a dam.

Get a grilling

If you don’t have a press but are craving a toastie, you can make an incredible, traditional American-style grilled cheese sandwich in a frying pan.

For the best ever grilled cheese, spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on the outside of your bread. Melt half a tablespoon of butter in your non-stick pan, then place the first piece of bread in mayonnaise side down (just trust us!). Add your favourite cheese, season with pepper and top with your second slice of bread, mayonnaise side up. The bottom side should be crispy and brown after about four minutes. Add another half a tablespoon of butter to the pan, then flip your sandwich carefully. It’s ready when the underside is brown and the cheese is melty.

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